Fresh, Sizzling, Juicy Pepper and Onions Smothering Your All Beef Burger

You will get only the freshest ingredient, grilled to your taste.  Mike’s always have the very best in produce, meet and ice cream.  Mike’s gives you Fifties Values in today’s diner.  Stop by and visit Mike’s to get the best philly cheese steak this side of the Mississippi.

Let the Good Times Roll, Oh, Yeah, Baby!

The Music of the Fifties | The Fifties Diner | Mike's Famous BurgersIt seemed like life was simpler back the, those golden days of the Fifties — a time when songs came in singles on vinyl records.  Those of us too young to remember can still appreciate the music today.  As you know a single generally contained the popular hit on the A Side and a “not so popular” song on the B Side.

On occasion, the B Side actually became the hit, as was the case with Dean Martin’s Memories Are Made of This.  Scrolling down through the list, Elvis Presley has an impressive grouping of songs following closely by the Platters, then an array of other musical artists, some of them well know, and other springing on the music scene from nowhere.

The Fifties diners, malt shops and corner store was a great place to chow down on a juicy burger and listen to your favorite songs.  It was a time when Coasters, Platters were not words that make you think of the kitchen, and Dreamweavers did not cause you to think about the HTML software editor.

We really rocked around the clock, at the hop, we were all shook up from the jailhouse rock, it felt like Sixteen tons were lifted off our shoulders when Little Susie woke up and no one was cruel.

Top 50 hits of the Fifites included [Billboard's Top choices]:

Don’t Be Cruel / Hound Dog , Elvis Presley, (1956) [Single]

(We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock / Thirteen Women (And Only One Man in Town), Bill Haley (and His Comets), (1954) [Single]

3   Autumn Leaves / Take Care, Roger Williams,  (1955) [Single]

Singing the Blues / Crazy With Love, Guy Mitchell, (1956) [Single]

5   Love Letters in the Sand / April Love, Pat Boone, (1957) [Single]

Mack the Knife / Was There a Call for Me, Bobby Darin,  (1959) [Single]

7   Moments to Remember / Dream On My Love Dream On,  The Four Lads,  (1955) [Single]

8   Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One, Elvis Presley,  (1956) [Single]

9   Lisbon Antigua / Robin Hood, Nelson Riddle,  (1955) [Single]

10   So Rare / Sophisticated Swing, Jimmy Dorsey, (1957) [Single]

11   The Wayward Wind / No More Than Forever, Gogi Grant, (1955) [Single]

12   Tammy / French Heels, Debbie Reynolds, (1957) [Single]

13    All Shook Up / That’s When Your Heartaches Begin,  Elvis Presley, (1957) [Single]

14   Just Walking in the Rain / In the Candlelight, Johnnie Ray, (1956) [Single]

15   The Yellow Rose of Texas / Blackberry Winter, Mitch Miller, (1955) [Single]

16    Love Is a Many Splendored Thing / Shine on Harvest Moon, The Four Aces,  (1955) [Single]

17    Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice, Elvis Presley,  (1957) [Single]

18    (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You, Elvis Presley, (1957) [Single]

19    Sixteen Tons / You Don’t Have to Be a Baby to Cry, Tennessee Ernie Ford,  (1955) [Single]

20   The Green Door / (The Story Of) The Little Man in Chinatown, Jim Lowe, (1956) [Single]

21   Honky Tonk (Part 1) / Honky Tonk (Part 2), Bill Doggett, (1956) [Single]

22  Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me, Elvis Presley, (1956) [Single]

23  Memories Are Made of This / Change of Heart, Dean Martin, (1955) [Single]
It’s the B-side (“Memories are Made of This”) that was the major hit, charting in 1956.

24   He / Breeze (Blow My Baby Back to Me), Al Hibbler, (1955) [Single]

25   Honeycomb / Their Hearts Were Full of Spring, Jimmie Rodgers, (1957) [Single]

26   Come Go With Me / How Can I Find True Love, The Del-Vikings, (1957) [Single]

27  Bye Bye Love / I Wonder If I Care as Much, The Everly Brothers, (1957) [Single]

28  Searchin’ / Young Blood, The Coasters, (1957) [Single]
Double A-side with “Searchin’” being the more memorable hit.

29  The Poor People of Paris / Theme From “Helen of Troy, Les Baxter, (1956) [Single]

30  Chances Are / The Twelfth of Never, Johnny Mathis, (1957) [Single]

31  It’s All in the Game / All Over Again, Tommy Edwards, (1951) [Single]

32  Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) / I’ve Gotta Sing Away These Blues, Doris Day, (1956) [Single]

33  Moonglow and Theme From “Picnic,” Morris Stoloff, (1956) [Single]

34  Moods in Song, Nat “King” Cole, (1955) [EP]

35  Learnin’ the Blues / If I Had Three Wishes, Frank Sinatra, (1955) [Single]

36  Little Darlin’ / Faithful and True, The Diamonds, (1957) [Single]

37  The Battle of New Orleans / All for the Love of a Girl, Johnny Horton, (1959) [Single]

38  True Love [with Grace Kelly] / Well Did You Evah? [with Frank Sinatra], Bing Crosby, (1956) [Single]

39  My Prayer / Heaven on Earth, The Platters, (1956) [Single]

40  Only You (And You Alone) / Bark, Battle and Ball, The Platters, (1955) [Single]

41  Blueberry Hill / Honey Chile, Fats Domino, (1956) [Single]

42  Wake Up Little Susie / Maybe Tomorrow, The Everly Brothers, (1957) [Single]

43  At the Hop / Sometimes (When I’m All Alone), Danny & The Juniors, (1957) [Single]

44  Canadian Sunset / This Is Real, Hugo Winterhalter, (1956) [Single]

45  April Love / When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano, Pat Boone, (1957) [Single]

46  It’s Almost Tomorrow / You’ve Got Me Wondering, Dreamweavers [50's], (1955) [Single]

47  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / My Baby Left Me, Elvis Presley, (1956) [Single]

48  Diana / Don’t Gamble With Love, Paul Anka, (1957) [Single]

49  Ain’t That a Shame / Tennessee Saturday Night, Pat Boone, (1955) [Single]

50  The Great Pretender / I’m Just a Dancing Partner, The Platters, (1955) [Single]

Cheese Steak Snobs, You’re Gonna Love Mike’s Burgers and Cheese Steaks in Gilbert

If you’re a native Philadelphian, and a self-declared “Cheese Steak Snob” then you’re in for a fabulous treat!  Mike’s Burgers and Cheese Steaks owner, Mike Canzona, is making the best cheese steaks west of the City of Brotherly Love!

Just like tradition says, Mike’s Philly Cheese Steak, is made from 7 ounces of center-cut prime rib from Midwestern Meats, served with a choice of mushrooms, peppers, onions, green chilis and jalapenos, smothered in melted cheese.

The Cheese Steak was born in the 1930′s and true to their origin, Mike has Cheese Whiz at hand as the #1 topping of choice!  Mmmmmm!

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